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Soil investigations and laboratory testing

Soil investigations and laboratory testing

Geo Norway performs soil investigations and laboratory testing in  in collaboration with our partners. 

We carry out planning and follow-up of soil investigations, define laboratory program  and compile a data report. 

We emphasize in planning the soil investigations such that it is adapted to the project's needs and current project phase. We review publicly available soil data and incorporate in the project when possible. 

We want to contribute with a good balance between securing sufficient data for safe and optimal design and a cost-effective soil investigation programme.  

Example of basic research methods

  • Total sounding

  • Rotary pressure probing

  • Pressure Probing (CPTU)

  • Mountain control drilling

  • Sampling

  • Trial excavation

  • Measuring points with GPS (CPOS)

  • Installation of piezometers/pore pressure gauges (hydraulic or electric)


Example of a laboratory experiment:

  • Routine test​

    • Soil type

    • Gravity density

    • Water content

    • Consistency limits

    • Konus​ktry

    • Uniaxial pressure tests

    • Grain grading

  • Special trial​

    • Triaxial test

    • Oedometer test

    • Humus determination

    • Grain density

    • Permeability

    • Lime/cement testing

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