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The company

Geo Norway is a company that offers a range of services within geotechnical engineering and consultancy. We assist in all project phases and have specialist expertise covering offshore structures (renewable and oil & gas), buildings, infrastructure and harbours. We have extended knowledge with planning and following up soil investigation, both on land, nearshore and offshore. We wish to work in close collaboration with our customers to use our combined knowledge and experience to meet any project challenges. We are committed to delivering high quality and sustainable solutions.

We work closely with partners within environmental geology and rock mechanics to be able to offer services within all areas of geoscience.

For projects on land we are involved all over Norway and for offshore projects we work globally.

Geo Norway has offices in Oslo and Trondheim



Daniel Melin

General manager /

senior geotechnical engineer

+47 941 78 814


Stian S. Berre

Senior geotechnical engineer

+47 476 33 329


Christian Heurlin

Senior geotechnical engineer

+47 482 78 999


Mikael Viggen

Senior structural engineer / geotechnical engineer

+47 410 62 171


Daniel Nigussie

Senior geotechnical engineer

+47 456 99 080


Daniel Nigussie

Senior geotechnical engineer

+47 456 99 080

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