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Projects - offshore

Projects - offshore

- A selection of our projects

KF wind.png


KF Wind

Customer: Aker Offshore Wind

Place: South Korea

Period: 2021 - present

Offshore wind farm consisting of approx. 75 floating wind turbines distributed over 3 sub-areas 80 km offshore Ulsan, South Korea. Geo Norway assists as a geotechnical advisor in connection with the planning and execution of ground surveys, assessment of the anchor concept and assessments in connection with landfall, cable routing at sea and on land.



Honeymooring Semar

Customer: Semar AS

Place: the North Sea


Anchor concept studies for floating wind turbines in the North Sea. Honeymooring is a mooring concept developed by Semar AS where several floating wind turbines are anchored with a common mooring system via a network of buoys, synthetic fiber lines and anchors.

AkerSol Fenris.png


Fenris and Valhall PWP jackets

Customer: Aker Solutions AS

Place: The North Sea

Period: 2022 - 2023

Assist Aker Solutions with detailed geotechnical engineering for Fenris and Valhall PWP jacket constructions. Includes, among other things, assessment of ground conditions, short-term stability in the un-piled condition (bearing mud mat), pile capacity, pileability, pile fatigue, etc.

Halten öst.png


Halten Øst

Customer: Equinor

Place: the North Sea

Period: 2021 - 2022

Geotechnical lead for Equinor.

Installation Hywind.jpg

Hywind Tampen

Customer: Equinor

Place: The North Sea


Client representative in connection with the installation of suction anchors and mooring systems.

Bay you north.jpg


Bay du Nord

Customer: Equinor

Place: Canada

Period: 2021 - 2022

Geotechnical lead for Equinor.

A selection of projects employees have worked on during previous employments at Multiconsult


GBS structures

- Hebron

- White Rose

- Wheatstone

South stream.jpg


- Nord Stream 2

- Turk Stream

- Martin Linge

- Trolls

- Huldra

- Ecofish

- Humber Estuary


Wind farms

- Dogger Bank

- Thornton Bank 

- Cape Wind

- Icebreaker Wind

- Rødsand 2

- Hywind Scotland


Assessments of fluke anchor installations

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